A great IT conference where successful Ukrainian global startups are going to share their experience and inspirational stories of their success is due to take place in Ivano-Frankivsk on June 18.

Nowadays the most valuable resource that a startup can get at the earliest stage of its development is information. It’s all about information that you might get from people that have already reached success and fame due to their startups, who are ready to tell you what mistakes should be avoided, what rules must be kept, what technologies must be used, how to deal with competition, how to monetize your projects and many other useful things.

 Marketing and sales  

At the stage of getting your product to the market the “mortality rate” among the projects is higher than at any other stages of development. We will discuss the best ways to take your product to the market and try to find out why marketing tools can often be useless and how to create the right strategy that will make your project successful.


Where can you get the necessary amount of money? Who and under what terms can invest in your startup? Who must manage this money? Startups always need investment. And if an initial capital that amounts to $100 000 seems to be unachievable, you will have to manage even bigger amounts of money in case of a successful start of your project.


Making money on your own ideas seems to be cool, but it is not that simple. We will try to be realistic about calculating your income and find out how your profit can be made.

Global competition

We will discuss global competition as an engine and a destructive force for the development of your startup and show you how a local idea can be increased on a global scale. Can a new startup business compete with global projects and under what conditions can it become possible?


We will talk about copying technologies, individual development of your startup business and how it can be effectively applied to your case. Your goal is to learn how to adopt all our experience to your own project without making mistakes.

Date:  June 18

Venue: Ivano-Frankivsk


Price: 35 EUR





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