IT talk [Odessa]: TestNg vs. JUnit


At the meeting we are going to analyze different features of TestNg and JUnit. The topic is not the freshest one, but there are a lot of myths around it. It’s traditionally believed, that Junit is very bad for Data Driven testing and parallel processing. Most specialists are also discordant on the issue of which one is better and more efficient. We are going to analyze every single one of them . Maybe after this kind of testing we’ll be able to look at these frameworks from a different perspective and make a more substantial and precise decision.


Andrey Olejnik, Senior QA Automation Engineer, PhD, DataArt. The speaker has tested different projects starting from web services and web UI and up to desktop and mobile applications. He has worked with different technologies and platforms, with various programming languages (Java, Ruby, etc.). During the last 9 years Andrey has worked on projects with Scrum methodology, he has also had some unique experience of working on waterfall projects. He used to be interested in physics of liquids and dedicated his thesis to it.


This event is aimed at beginners and middle developers who have a willing to deepen their knowledge in testing. Some moments will also be of some interest for seniors and specialists interested in frameworks for testing and automation.

Date: December 26
Venue: Odessa
Website: link
Price: free

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