Company name: Nemiroff
Brand name:  Premium Traditional,  Exotic, High Premium, Super Premium
Profile: liqueurs and spirits

Nemiroff is an industrial manufacturer of alcohol products. The holding company consists of an asset management company Nemiroff, Ukrainian vodka company Nemiroff, affiliated undertaking “Alco Invest”. The company’s interests in Russia are represented by “NEMIROFF Vodka Rus”. Bottling is performed at their own factories in the city of Nemyriv (Vinnytsia Oblast of Ukraine) as well as in modern manufacturing units of Russia and Belarus.

Brand portfolio of Nemiroff  includes more than 40 kinds of products, represented in all price categories. Most popular brands are Nemiroff Original, Nemiroff Delikat, Nemiroff Premium, LEX, etc.

Nemiroff is number one exporter of vodka in Ukraine – the research was carried out in 2015 and took into account over 200 Ukrainian exporters. According to the research performed by “Business Daily”, export turnover of the company in 2015 constituted $29,7 million.

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