Tickeware SE

Company name: Tickeware SE
Brand name: Ticketware
Profile: Computer programming, Culture

Ticketware takes care of all aspects of ticket sales, delivery and checking. It will also solve the ticket printing at your cash desk. Ticketware includes sophisticated online tools and many more.

The product line includes:

  • Sell ​​and book tickets online
  • Cashier with reservation of seats in the hall
  • Ticket printing and checking
  • Comprehensive software solution for cash registers and sale of tickets to cinemas and multiplexes, theaters, cultural centers via checkout or online

Ticket sales consist of selection of shows or events, seats and payment. Once paid, tickets are automatically printed. The selection of venues in the hall takes place through the Ticketware system and is synchronized with online sales and reservations. All this in cooperation with printers, scanners, payment systems.

Cashier and online sales are tied up – you sell seats both at the cash desk and over the internet. Your site’s visitor chooses seats via our online sales system and either books or pays directly over the internet. Of course, there are discounts, sales of additional goods and much more.

Payment methods
A payment gateway is implemented in our retail space. No further action is required on your part, everything is automatically available. Payment is possible through 9 different banks or card.
Sale of additional goods
You can add 3D glasses, gift items and much more to the ticket.

Using Discounts
The user can buy discounts that you set and activate yourself. Control itself takes place when entering the cinema. In the case of an unjustified discount visitors can make the difference at any time at the cash desk.

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