Name of the company: OPRE’ CIDERY
Name of the product: Opre’ CIDER
Profile: beverage production

The company is a Slovak start-up with a seat in Kosice. The brand was brought to life after accumulating experiences and experimenting with them. The founder Gabriel has a tradition of bringing back real local ciders to Slovakia when traveling. Tasting them was always a cultural experience for his friends and family. That inspired his brother Radoslav  to try and make something at least as good on his own account. After a year of experimenting the killer recipe that everyone craved for was discovered.

About the product:
Opre’ Cider is a real cider made naturally by fermenting apple juice. It’s a devotion of craftsmanship to initiate an authentic cider culture in Slovakia. A fine – tuned flavor, gold-bright color and distinctive character are to be enjoyed by those who strive for genuine. Best served ice cold!

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