Brand name: DUBACID, LABSA
Specialization: chemical production
Web site:

The company is the only manufacturer of LABSA in Slovakia. The production of LABSA has a rich history. The plant was built on the basis of an industrial complex in 1935, while in 1993 the LABSA production unit was established. The production of LABSA was suspended for a long time and was restored in 2017 after the arrival of Ukrainian investors to this Slovak company. The company has modern laboratory equipment, meets the highest safety production requirements, has an ISO certificate and takes care of its production and the environment.

About the product:
– High cleaning effect and foam formation in extreme conditions
– Is used for the production of detergents, powders, car shampoos
– the products properties comply with the TS SULF-01-2017 specification
– the products are registered in REACH and have a safety data sheet
– personalised approach to customers

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