East Port is on its way

East Port regional chamber offers membership to all companies working on the territory of the Slovak Republic and Ukraine and striving to extend their activities behind the border of their home country. The chamber is planning to develop a range of events, services and intellectual web tools in order to support these initiatives.

How else can the chamber support your business?


East Port is going to work on the conferences in accordance with its own schedule and thematic program, the conferences that are expected to meet the needs of the parent organization and the subjects of EOH (East Office House). Being funded East Port will organize and hold 4 themed conferences, an opening conference and a review conference that will be held at the end of the funding period. The themed conferences will cover the following fields: tourism, construction, retail and information technologies.


East Port will develop a cycle of 8 seminars supporting its own products and services and organize seminars connected with activities of EOH (East Office House). The seminars will gradually cover the following topics: business opportunities in Slovakia, business opportunities in Ukraine, establishment of new companies in the Slovak Republic, bookkeeping and tax accounting in Ukraine, bookkeeping and tax accounting in Slovakia, B2B digital marketing, innovation and product development.

Trade mission

Discover the potential of the new market, production capacity and the quality of products by participating in our trade missions.


A regular quarterly magazine for partners with an active and ambitious cooperation. The magazine can be thematically connected with the program of the conferences and the seminars, raise the topics that the conferences and the seminars of the given period will be dedicated to. In addition, the magazine can well inform about the current state of the project and gradually represent individual services of portal, House of Friendship, and subjects of SUOPK and EOH. The magazine will be published in both Slovak and Ukrainian versions. The printed version will be intended for organizations cooperating with the project, while other subjects will get a sample of the electronic version of the magazine with a possibility to download the whole issue from

Interactive contracts

Bilingual publication of the main legal documents valid in the Slovak Republic and Ukraine. This publication will be available in both printed and electronic forms. The electronic publication will be available for registered users on We are going to process the following documents (as well as their equivalents in Ukrainian legislation): The Commercial Code, the Law on Accounting and Auditing, the Act on the Commercial Register, the Law on Small Business/Trade Licensing, Private International Law, the Law on VAT, the Law on Income Tax, the Law on Tax Administration.

Arbitration Court – East Arbiter

In order to effectively decide possible controversies East Port is planning to create the Court of Arbitration. Its specialization in settling cross-border commercial disputes will help to deal with such disputes fast and effectively. The Arbitration Court will become the next step to overcoming the barriers and fears that prevent businessmen from entering the promising and poorly studied market. We will keep you informed about our releases.