Company name: SAFEtronics
Brand name: SAFEtronics
Profile: safes

During last 60 years of its history, ZVT a. s. Banska Bystrica produced telecommunication facilities, components for television networks and computing machinery. Furthermore, the company has always had its own production facilities.

The company has gone through a series of changes – the last one took place in 1993 when the company got transformed into a couple of  joint stock companies, either of which has its own profile. That is how  ZVT TRAEDING a.s. B.Bystrica, ZVT-PRINT a.s.B.Bystrica, ZVT-FONAR a.s.B.Bystrica and ZVT-PREVIS a.s. B.Bystrica., Safetronics a.s Banská Bystrica emerged.

Safetronics a.s Banská Bystrica  used to be focused on metal-working manufacturing. Its production activity is mainly concerned with safes and safety deposit boxes, while the first samples were produced in 1992. In 1993 the company got a license in Switzerland to manufacture safes with electronic locks that used to have original design.

The company has its own development laboratory and research department, while its products are protected by a registered trade mark of SAFEtronics®.

In order to reinforce its position on the market of CIS states, an assembly plant got established in Brest. It enabled the company to avoid customs formality charge for the products produced by SAFEtronics and to offer a competitive price on the market of CIS states.

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