IT Forum 2016

IT Forum is the final IT event of the year. 

You will be provided with a range of reports starting from statistical data type in frontend development and up to the universe expansion. Programing of computer systems of the future, virtual reality, “smart everything”. Active discussions and debates from people whose ideas are pushing the world of technologies forward.

Amongst our speakers there will be founders and CEOs of Depositphotos, Readdle, Grammarly, Intellectsoft etc. You will also have a chance to delve into our great reports with rare and unique insider information. We will gather under one roof the main leaders of the market, senior developers, popular IT communities from all over Ukraine.

On the Program:

  • Technology reports and reports on the main trends in programming
  •  Community Fair – presentation of the top 20 IT communities that will present their projects
  • A  special room for each speaker for private debates and communication
  • Active discussions: IT Product Talks, IT Tech Talks and IT Business Talks
  • Debates on the latest and most challenging topics from the leaders of the Ukrainian IT segment
  • Open space for communication and acquaintances

Date:  January, 3 
50 EUR

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