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Provision of Housing for a Temporary Residence Permit for the Purpose of Business

If you wish to get a temporary residence permit you must have accommodation (registered address) on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Your accommodation can be confirmed by the following documents:

  • Lease contract
  • Guarantee of the landlord to provide you with accommodation they own
  • A legal deed or document constituting evidence of residential property ownership
  • A document confirming that during your stay on the territory of the Slovak Republic a residential real estate object will provide you with accommodation

All signatures in a lease contract as well as in a guarantee of the landlord must be notarized (signatures of a landlord and a renter in case of concluding a lease contract, signatures of all owners of residential property if you are provided with a guarantee and there is more than one owner of the residential property in a title deed).

You must also be ready to present the originals of the abovementioned documents in case you wish to get a temporary residence permit in Slovakia