ThinkJava #4

Inspired by one of the biggest Java events of the year in Dallas (SpringOne 2GX) NIX Solutions decided to organize regular meetups for Java developers in Kharkiv. Creating developers community is not new for NIX as ThinkPHP conferences have been held for a long time already.

The first ThinkJava meetup took place on November 14, 2014 at Metalist conference hall which hosted Euro 2012 championship. Presenters talked about Java 8 news and features, some basic and advanced solutions and discussed production issues.

The first event was a success and NIX Solutions are ready to conduct new meetings with more presenters and heated discussions on some topical issues. Presenters are preparing new reports and we are looking for some new people. Monitor our news to find out about upcoming Java events. In November ThinkJava #1  started a series of productive and interesting meetups for Kharkiv IT community.

Date:  November 25
Price: Free



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