For the first time in Ukraine you can enjoy a brand new family celebration/techno-event! 

Spectacular robot competitions

  • Drone races
  • Robots – sumo wrestlers
  • Mini-robot races

Exhibition of technical innovations and gadgets

  • Useful and unforgettable inventions of adults and children
  • Humanoid robot Nao able to dance, sing and speak 3 languages
  • Famous Robot R2D2 – a character from Star Wars

Useful tips of famous inventors and master-classes

  • Ukrainian inventors will tell about their experience on their way to success in Europe and US
  • Secrets of ecologically clean technologies
  • Launching rockets that our young participants will assemble and create with their own hands.
  • запуск моделей ракет, которые юные гости фестиваля соберут своими руками

Contemporary Art Exhibition

  • Art-installations
  • Master-classes for children

Date: June 10

Venue: Kyiv


Price: 2 – 5 EUR

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