Freelance & Remote Work Conference

Freelance & Remote Work is a conference dedicated to freelancing and remote work.

Freelance & Remote Work is all about:

  • A unique opportunity to learn about the way the best freelancers work;
  • Insights into the most successful freelance practices
  • Work with freelancers remote workers through the lenses of companies and HR managers
  • Optimization of a work process, interaction with service providers
  • Using Stock Exchanges, ratings, the truth about distributing orders and interacting with partners
  • Optimization of your business by hiring freelancers

Program of the event:

  • Remote development of your own product
  • Copywriting and translations on a freelance basis
  • Freelancing for beginners and its kinds – what should you go for?
  • Legal combat sambo for a freelancer
  • Voice in the wilderness: marketing for freelancers
  • Remote training through the eyes of a teacher
  • Travel, work and drink a lot of coffee

Date: June 12

Venue: Kharkov


Price: 11 EUR


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