Company name: OLYMP
Brand name: RIME, «Istinna», «Мalinovka».
Profile: liqueurs and spirits

OLYMP is one of the biggest manufacturers of vodka in Ukraine.

The company belongs to top 5 manufacturers of strong spirits in the country.

  • OLYMP is a 16 year story of work on the market of Ukraine and abroad, where the company’s products are very much appreciated for their hight quality and stylish design.
  • The production area of the company is liquor producer PRIME. The plant was built in 2006 in an ecologically friendly area. It is the best and most powerful plant inUkraine according to the expert opinion.
  • There are 6 unique complex filling lines whose estimated capacity is 24 million bottles per month.
  • All products of OLYMP are made of artesian water, drawn from the spring with a relative depth of 700 meters (it’s a record for vodka manufacturers ).
  • Carefully selected grain alcohol of the highest quality is used for the production of the whole range of products.
  • Prime has the biggest alcohol cellar in Europe that prevents it from quality changes.
  • The company’s portfolio includes 3 brands: RIME, Istinna, Мalinovka.

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