Company name: Protherm
Brand name: Protherm
Profile: boilers

Protherm was founded in Czechoslovakia in early 90s. The company has become a serious player on the European market of heating equipment. Creating affordable and qualitative equipment, the company has immediately found their customers and market outlets.

Today Protherm is recognizable and popular in almost all countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. Electrode boilers by Protherm meet the strictest requirements that are normally placed on equipment of this level. All of them are secure and safe, easy-to-use and maintenance-friendly. Because of the absence of combustion materials, electrode boilers by Protherm are environmentally friendly.

A very high performance index provides maximum efficiency in space heating. Unlike boilers running on gas, liquid or solid fuel, electrode boilers by Protherm don’t require any complicated assembling and take up minimum space. Besides that, it’s not essential that you build smoke conduit for them or provide gas supplies/reserve combustible materials. These boilers operate from the mains available everywhere.

Consequently, electrode boilers by Protherm are suitable for urban and suburban areas alike.


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