KharkivCSS Conference will be held in on September 17.

We will raise only the most interesting topics: modern standards, technology, methodology and approaches in architecture.

The main goal of the conference is to discuss everything related to page makeup.

The beginners will learn what should be taken into consideration in the first place, what they should begin with and what is truly important and relevant nowadays.

Experienced developers will deepen their knowledge and get a lot of useful tips from the best front-end developers of Ukraine.
And those people who avoid page makeup will learn how simple and fascinating it can be.


10:00 Registration
10:45 Introduction
11:00 Flexible Box Layout
12:00 Grid layout
13:00 Hiding hacks and accelerating rendering with PostCSS
14:00 CSS mothodologies and realization of topics in big web applications
15:00 Break
16:00 If you are lazy and have been involved in page makeup for 12 years
17:00 Looking for the last speaker
18:00 UX
19:00 You don’t know CSS
19:45 Closed Conference

Date: September 17
Venue: Kharkiv
Price: 10-20 EUR

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