Workshop: Garbage Collection

When you work on Enterprise solutions in Java it’s necessary to take into account the performance of the application, that can be affected by the Garbage Collection (GC) process.

This workshop is designed to improve experience of developers and it can well demonstrate some effective methods of examining the work of GC and its influence on applications.

The workshop is based on lectures of Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovsky and additional pieces of research and examples from real life.

We are going to cover the following topics: 

  • ways of examining the work of GC;
  • ways of influencing the work of GC;
  • work with gc-viewer utility;
  • GC algorithms and their differences, the influence of Heap
  • work of G1 in Java 1.7 and Java 1.8;
  • Off-heap: ByteBuffer/Direct ByteBuffer/Unsafe;
  • Use of Java Microbenchmark Harness (JMH) for the analysis of application performance.

Date: July 6th
Venue: Odessa
Price: free

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