Boost it! (Lohika Odessa #TechTalks)

Many of us have heard about the necessity to switch to cloud services. This idea seems to be attracting attention of architects, developers and managers. This effect mostly accounts for successful advertising of such companies as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Those people who have already worked with clouds know that apart from great advantages this technology does have some serious disadvantages.

  •  How to organize load testing when switching to cloud services?
  • What instruments should be used?
  • How to avoid latent bugs when testing?
  • Will the old methods of productivity measurement work?
  • Possible costs of the testing procedure.

These  and other issues will be highlighted by Sergey Radov during his presentation “Load testing in the case of switching to cloud services” at our Boost it! conference.  Andrey Kovalenko will give a presentation “Java JIT. Compilation and optimization”. This presentation will be interesting for developers and automation engineers that use Java in their work.  We all know that Java doesn’t only use the interpreter for code execution. But how exactly does the JIT compiler work? What instruments can we use to understand how our code is executed? How should we write our code in order not to prevent JIT from doing its job?

Date: June 21
Venue: Odessa
Website: TechTalks
Price: free

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