FEATIT: Finance, Economy, Analytics of Software Business

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Welcome to Odessa on June 10th to visit the financial and economic conference for IT companies FEATIT: Finance, Economy, Analytics of Software Business.
Because of the economic crisis IT companies are focused on improving business performance and take into account numerous innovations (deregulation of business, legislative changes, etc.). The aspect of financial management in an IT company becomes particularly important.

During the conference we will be discussing the impact of current trends in the financial sector on Software Development; macroeconomic conditions, which affect the efficient performance of IT companies; strategies, scenarios and tools for working with financial institutions; methods of the construction of an effective  cooperation between CFO and CEO, as well as relationships CFO + Sale, CFO + HR.

Key topics:

IT company as an investment: tasks of investors, owners and CFO, who are looking at Ukrainian IT market investment funds and under what conditions they invest in IT business; demand for IT companies – how long it will last; how to determine the cost of IT companies (clients, assets, competence);

Evaluating the effectiveness of funds for the projects of the company. ROI in IT business: methods of calculating ROI projects in IT, IT projects comparison in terms of different goals and strategies of the company; analysis and forecasting of the project work – construction of a stable and comfortable structure in different locations;
The effectiveness of the finance function in IT: how to build an effective interaction with colleagues and counterparts and provide effective work of the financial service; how to build an effective interaction between CFO and CEO, as well as the relationships CFO + Sale, CFO + HR; how to assess how well the financiers in a company work; CFO and shareholders – system of their interaction. The effectiveness of the work of an IT company and financial analytics that IT companies need today.

Date: June 10

Venue: Odessa, Arcadia hotel “PORTOFINO”


Price: 105 EUR


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