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The Purpose of Stay for a Temporary Residence Permit for the Purpose of Business

When you do business as a sole trader/self-employed entrepreneur your purpose of stay can be confirmed by providing a valid trade licence. Small business is defined by the law 455/1991 Zb on small business. Small business is registered by notifying a small business district office. You must also provide the following documents:

  • A document of identification (the one that confirms the attainment of majority). Normally, foreigners are required to provide a valid external passport.
  • A police clearance certificate (an extract from the National Criminal Register). This document must be certified (Apostille, consular legalization) by corresponding institutions so that it could be used abroad.
  • A document that confirms professional competence (in case of a regulated and handicraft trade).
  • A document confirming that you are allowed to use the property that is indicated as a place of business.
  • Consent of a responsible representative to an appointment (assignment to a position) in case you don’t meet the standards for professional competence.

Apart from that you are also obliged to indicate those activities in your application that will become the subject of your entrepreneurship. Therefore it is advisable to analyse all your activities in order to understand whether they relate to a regulated and handicraft trade. If some of them do relate to the abovementioned trade categories, it is necessary to check whether your education meets the standards for professional competence in accordance with current legislation and whether it has to be recognized by the Ministry of Education or other institutions. If you don’t have a document that confirms your professional competence in one of those activities, you must indicate a responsible representative in order to be allowed to carry them out.

Since according to current legislation a foreigner is a person of foreign descent, it is important to appoint a business manager whom can become a citizen of the Slovak Republic or a person that is entitled to live on the territory of Slovakia (not all citizens living in Slovakia can be engaged in entrepreneurial activities and consequently are not allowed to take up a leading position in a foreigner’s company).

In case you do business as a statutory body/official representative of a company or cooperative you have two ways to confirm your purpose of stay. The first one is to create a business plan, which is defined and regulated by special norms. This business plan is then directed to the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, which will decide whether this kind of business can be regarded as useful for the country’s economy. Business plan must be provided if a foreigner becomes a statuary body of a commercial organization that is yet to be created or added to the trade register.

If a foreigner is a statutory body / an official representative of an existing company or cooperative, the purpose of stay is confirmed by an extract from a trade register of the company / cooperative.

Another document confirming the purpose of stay is the one stating that a foreigner is appointed as an official representative of a commercial organization / cooperative.